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We are specialists in permanent cosmetic procedures and anti-aging treatments. We offer treatments to clients and training to aspiring specialists in our fields. In both our treatments and our training, consumer safety is our highest priority. We use only the latest technologies and techniques to ensure the highest quality outcome for our clients.

Let us lead the way to painless, safe and flawless aesthetics and ultimate skin rejuvenation. Our clients receive only the best care, and our students are given the best head-start in their future careers in aesthetics. Our premium product range includes both local and imported aesthetic products at affordable prices. We believe in the highest quality and keep only the best tools and products on our shelves. For students, we keep a range of high-quality kits to get them started on their career path.

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Permanent cosmetic procedures and anti – aging treatments

Treatments Offered

At Erika Davis Aesthetics, treatments are designed to enhance your health and appearance of your skin and body. Our premium product range includes imported and local aesthetic products at affordable prices. We believe in quality and keep only the best tools and products on our shelves.

Eyelash Extensions

Enhance your natural beauty with our diverse range of eyelash extensions. Tailored styles for every client and occasion


Experience the art of hyper-realistic eyebrows. Designed according to your face's morphology and the golden mean.

Permanent Makeup

A cosmetic technique offering long-lasting beauty. Includes various treatments for eyes, lips, and eyebrows.


Revitalise your skin through microneedling. Promotes new collagen growth for healthier and smoother skin.

Medical Aesthetics

Safe, high-quality aesthetic treatments using the latest techniques. Services include scar removal, tattoo removal, microneedling, and more.

Plasma Advanced Skin Tightening

Discover the latest in skin tightening and soft surgery. Treatments include lesion removal, skin tag removal, and lip flip.

Lash Lift

Achieve a natural lifted lash curl with our Lash Lift treatment. It's the long-lasting alternative to daily eyelash curling.

Green Peel Classic

Revitalise your skin with the Green Peel Classic. Ideal for skin regeneration and renewal.

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Melinda Bam
Melinda Bam
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I met Erika Davis, about a year ago, after seeing a few women, whose eyebrows she had transformed from bleak to on fleek.

We did my first session, and immediately I knew that this will be the key to perfect brows every day! We designed my brows together, chose a warm colour to suit my blonde hair, and she explained how this specific tint doesn’t contain any iron oxide which gets absorbed by your body – leaving only blueish hues behind. Designing & getting the shape right filling in all the finer & thicker strokes, mixing the exact colour for my skin tone – I could tell that she didn’t have your average, “lets wing it and see how it comes out” approach, but one that is so calculated and methodical, which ultimately aids in her ability to get perfect results – EVERY TIME! With the highest and every possible training from a somatology and medical perspective, I knew I was in the best hands.  Completely painless, to perfection, and to my taste- they are perfect & I am beyond happy about my new brows, and having countless friends who have streamed to see her and also fix theirs, her reputation and expertise precedes her, and rightfully so. Even more so, I have through this relationship & partnership with Erika, walked away with so much more than just perfect brows, I’ve walked away with someone who is as passionate and perfectionistic about these things as I am, and someone who I can now with confidence call a friend.
Melissa Swart@melissaswart
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As a mom of two babies, almost all of my time is spent on their needs and the needs of my home, but just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I don’t want to look fabulous. It does mean that I have a lot less time to spend on looking fabulous, but thanks to the talented Erika Davis, that is no longer a problem. Eyebrows are so important when it comes to looking well groomed and, for me, if they are taken care of, I can get away with almost no makeup and still look good.

Erika Davis’ microblading was just what I needed to have perfect brows without spending any time on them. Her work is flawless! It is completely painless and a very pleasant experience, not only because there is no pain, but because she engages with her clients and makes them feel important and well taken care of. Her techniques and products are at the forefront of the industry, which means she is the best. Healing is painless and not at all uncomfortable, because if you follow her after-care steps they don’t really scab. They don’t discolour, because she uses medical grade ink and the lines stay perfect. Maintaining these beauties are easy and seeing my perfectly symmetrical brows even when I step out of the shower is super satisfying. You won’t find anyone better.


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